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The benefits of Himalayan salt baths

The benefits of Himalayan Salt Baths

Salty baths aren’t exactly a new discovery.  In fact the benefits of using salts in bath form, have been recognised as far back in history as (460 -370 BC).   An ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, noted that mineral salts were useful, for healing infection and reducing pain.  Then later, in the 16th Century, another physician Paracelsus, recommended regular soaks in saline baths, as part of a healing treatment.   So how do they work?




Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a salty bath, is relaxation. Bathing allows a time for stillness and calm, so it can be great for relieving stress and muscle tension.  Many people find that bathing before bed, can help with sleep.  This has been recently backed up with evidence.   Research has found that relaxing in a warm bath before bed can help to raise the body temperature and assists with the relaxation effect.

Mineral Absorption

Bath salts are packed full of natural minerals, 84 in total. Including magnesium, iron, copper, calcium, iodine, manganese, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, selenium and sodium, to name but a few.  These minerals are absorbed directly into the body via the skin.

Reduces inflammation

Research has shown that regular salt baths can be beneficial for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.  This is due to the salts having a dehydration effect, on the joint tissues, leading to reduced swelling. This process effectively helps to regulate the fluid levels within the body and keep joint supple and flexible.


Our Himalayan bath salts

We use Himalayan salts in our bath soaks and teas.  Partly because of the distinctive colour.  But also because they are considered the purest salts, due to the lack of pollution in the area in which they are mined.  Himalayan salts are mined from a salt mine at the foot of the Himalayan mountains and are an orangey, pink colour due to the high iron content.

Our salt blends are enriched with Extra Virgin Coconut oil to moisturise the skin and a selection of aromatic botanicals and essential oils to further relax and detox.  You can find the full range here


The best way to take a Himalayan salt bath is to keep the water around body temperature and soak for approximately 20 – 30 minutes.  Then after bathing, rest for 30 minutes or so.






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  1. After hiking in and out of a not so well traveled path, finally catching a fish etc. I am hurting so bad today. I need some Himalayan bath salts. This sounds so rich and healing!

    1. Well done on your catch Nicole 🙂 yes definately sounds like a salt bath is needed!

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