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Luxury Aromatherapy bath salt gift set


Luxury bath salt soak gift set

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Luxury aromatherapy bath salt gift set

A luxury aromatherapy gift salt collection.  Pure Himalayan bath salts infused with the most decadent pure essential oils. Including the elegant aroma of Rose absolute, Jasmine and Neroli.

Pack includes 3 different blends: –

– Rose Petals. A blend of Rose absolute and Rose Geranium plus red rose petals. Skin soothing and calming and balancing for the heart and mind.

– Jasmine & Ylang Ylang. An exotic floral blend. Uplifting and mood balancing.

– Neroli, Sweet Orange and Patchouli. A sensual blend, both fruity and floral.  Deeply relaxing and soothing.  Mood uplifter.


These are not everyday bath salts.  These are high quality bath salts with the finest, high quality ingredients. Containing decadent essential oils of Rose (absolute), Jasmine, and Orange blossom (Neroli), all of which are highly cherished, due to the high cost of the oil extraction.

It takes approximately 30 – 50 roses to produce just one drop of Rose absolute, thousands of flowers to make just one drop of both Jasmine oil and Neroli oil.  All of which makes these bath salts very special indeed.


Himalayan salts are rich in beneficial minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Chloride, Potassium and Zinc.  They are detoxifying and help to relieve tension and aching muscles.  Together with the benefits of specially chosen herbs and essential oils, plus moisturizing Coconut oil, results in a luxurious bath time experience.

Packaged in white kraft bags


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“These are lovely. They smell great and are beautifully packaged. A perfect gift”