Herbal sleep pillow in a daisy print fabric


Herbal sleep pillow

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Herbal Sleep pillow in a daisy print fabric

Daisy print sleep pillow sachets, filled with real dried lavender, hops and / or chamomile flowers.

Simply place the pillow inside or beneath your regular pillow, to inhale the relaxing herbal aroma, throughout the night.

Daisy print fabric custom made. Original print by Wildflower Art.

100% Cotton fabric

Approx size 19 x 13cm

Lavender, hops, patchouli and chamomile are said to have a relaxing, sedative effect on both the mind and body.
Safe and suitable for the whole family. It can be used to aid a restful night’s sleep.

(Please note: listing is for one sleep sachet)


What our customers say:

4 out of 5 stars

“I bought this lovely Lavender Sleep Pillow for my Sisters Birthday. I know she will love it. The colours of the material is just perfect. It makes such a nice gift”

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