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Aromatherapy Inhaler Sticks – set of 7


Aromatherapy Inhaler Sticks

Product Description

Aromatherapy inhaler sticks – set of 7.  A scent for every occasion.

Perfect for use in yoga and meditation or just as a day to day well being tool.

Relax – Lavender
Calm – Chamomile
Ground – Vetiver
Focus – Peppermint
Breathe – Eucalyptus
Balance – Geranium

Uplift – May Chang


Small and compact enough to carry in your pocket or handbag

Simply remove the lid and inhale deeply

Can last up to 6 months if sealed correctly

Can be reused and topped up with essential oils when the scent has faced.

Recyclable metal and glass container


Stylish environmentally friendly containers.



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